Accelerate your content acquisition and analysis

Neurolingo's Mnemosyne™ text analytics development platform provides its customers and OEM partners the technology and support to develop unique, powerful and highly scalable natural language processing solutions rapidly on virtually any information platform.

Unlike many other semantic language processing tools, Neurolingo Mnemosyne is able to adapt rapidly to very specific types of language structure and use when the form and syntax of lanuage in content sources changes.

The result is more accurate information extraction and analysis on a more consistent basis that leads to better and more easily maintained information products and services. Example solutions include:

Content Extraction
Using our unique platform of easily maintained content extraction and text analytics rules, your can extract text, data, concepts, indexes, summaries and more from virtually any data source.
Decision Support
Our text analytics development tools can feed sophiisticated applications to power executive dashboards, market analysis and social network analysis, as well as consumer and intelligence applications. 
Sentiment Analysis
Our text analytics technologies provide a rapid, deep and complex analysis of the structure, syntax and vocabulary of any content source, enabling insights into behaviors like sentiment and forecasts.
Real-Time Monitoring
Neurolingo text analytics technologies scale efficiently to process large streaming data sets, enabling the analysis of real-time text and informaiton from media and enterprise sources.
Data Cleansing
Our text analytics platform can match, append and maintain any type of information source, providing accurate and cost-effective corrections, de-duplication  and updates.
Sales Lead Generation
Use Neurolingo's natural language processing to monitor events that can trigger sales activities such as deals, earnings, market sentiment, job  changes and changes in competitors.

Industry Solutions

Neurlingo's Menemosyne technology platform is designed to adapt not just to different spoken languages but to the language of your industry, your markets and your enterprise. Because it can adapt rapidly to the grammars and vocabulary of any type of communication it can be tuned easily  o your specific needs.

Finance & Banking

  • Detect subtle, actionable changes in market sentiment and trends
  • Evaluate compliance documents to manage security, fraud and legal risk
  • Harvest unstructured information
  • Extract, cleanse, correlate and index fundamental data
  • Summarize and categorize large volumes of reports
  • Sci-Tech & Health

  • Identify and evaluate innovation opportunities and potential partnerships
  • Extract, normalize, summarize and index information from research and clinical sources
  • Develop automated analysis of diagnostic and treatment trends
  • Evaluate markets and sales targets
  • Sports Analytics

  • Develop unique media assets for online fan apps and in-venue displays
  • Montior fan sentiment and forecasted outcomes for events, players & teams
  • Extract summaries, trends & data from real-time & archived sources
  • Exploit subtle fan jargon differences found in specific sports, locations and followings
  • Shipping & Logistics

  • Extract data and intelligence from shipping manifests and forms
  • Identify, normalize and correlate terminologies from different suppliers and shippers
  • Detect events and trends in real-time communications and movements
  • Evaluate risks from shipments, personnel, weather, traffic and ports
  • Platform Solutions

    Use Neurlingo's Menemosyne XML-based natural language application development platform to develop compelling and engaging applications for enterprise, Web and mocile content delivery platforms. Your applications will gain unique content that's easily maintained and easily integrated into your own development environment.


  • Enhance  business intelligence dashboards with unique trend analysis
  • Reveal sentiment, issues and subtle changes in client and internal communications
  • Enhance compliance, sales and marketing tools with  actionable insights
  • Detect and evaluate financial and operational risks in internal content
  • Mobile

  • Build real-time language-based triggers and alerts for any mobile application
  • Exract and build summaries, digests and analysis for busy on-the-go users
  • Interpret  text messaging from mobile users to reveal events, trends and tastes
  • Integrate custom spell-checkers, dictionaries and other language tools into apps
  • Web & Social

  • Reveal sentiment, trends and subtle shifts in social media communications
  • Match people to common likes and interests and businesses to likely prospects
  • Harvest, normalize, de-duplicate and organize unstructured information
  • Develop alerts services based on triggers revealed by language analysis