What you have is content. What you need is insight.

You know the problem - information overload. Finding not just documents or data but insights that can lead to better and faster decisions. Making sense out of information that is hard to digest, changing rapidly, often laced with jargon and insider's terminology. Extracting structure and meaning from unstructured information sources.

Neurolingo's natural language processing technology excels at turning any content into insight, using a unique linguistic text analytics platform to accelerate your ability to build applications that make sense of information in any form, format or language - including language specific to your markets, your industry or your enterprise.

Using XML-based lingusttic text analytics technology and a vast array of natural language processing models, Neurolingo's technology can be tuned rapidly to understand and interpret the language of your industry, your organization and your markets to reveal information and insights that other technologies may fail to surface.

  • Identify sentiment, events, triggers and trends
  • Extract entities and terms from variable language
  • Organize information based on semantic concepts
  • Cleanse, correct, match and append data sets
  • Rapid deployment and integration
  • Easily maintained XML-based software
  • Highly scalable to suit any information sources
  • Interpret real-time data and text communications
  • Mnemosyne TM   : The power of linguistics at work.

    Use the structure of language to light the way to insight.

    Mnemosyne processing uses language resources, kanon rules and analyzers

    Unlike many technologies that extract, analyze and organize information from content sources, Neurolingo's Mnemosyne™ text analytics platform uses the power of lingustics - sophisticated language analysis - to look at the meaning, context and form of words as the key to its power. Mnemosyne uses these tools to identify and transform sentences, phrases, form entries and key words into XML data structures that it can analyze for meaning and intent based on a wide array of highly tuned language rules and resources.

    By "thinking" about content the way that people process language for meaning, Mneomosyne's natural language processing modules can be tailored rapidly to "think" about the way language is formed in any number of specific and complex settings to deliver highly targeted information and insights. The result is a superior ability to identify the right information for analysis and more accurate and meaningful insights on a highly cost-effective platform that is easily tailored and maintained for any applications or processing environment.

    Extract content accurately from any source. Mnemosyne's extensive set of content extraction tools allows Web sites, databases, documents, feeds and more to become rich sources of semantically organized information and insights. Large-scale data sets and real-time data feeds and communications are easily integrated.
    Apply language resources and rules to analyze. Mnemosyne's power is in its "Kanon" rules sets and models, which uses language resources such as thesauri, taxonomies and morphological lexicons to find the key terms and semantic patterns in XML-structured data extracted from your content. This allows for highly efficient rules processing and analysis.

    Build applications rapidly based on powerful insights. Mnemosyne identifies and organizes content semantically for easy integration into any number of powerful appications. Enhanced search content, document summarizers and analyzers, trend and sentiment charting and business alerts are just a few of the examples of how you can turn content into insight.

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